100 Perfect Caster Applications

When you are ready to buy casters, you may question how to choose the right caster wheels.
The following 100 perfect caster applications examples will give you some references to find the most suitable one for your equipment.

#1 Aerospace Casters

The aerospace caster wheel got its name because it was mainly made for the aviation and aerospace industry. Aerospace is a pretty diverse and stringent industry compared with others. Must take safety, high load capacity, and ergonomic features into account. Aerospace casters are ideal for aircraft manufacturing, maintenance stands, aircraft repair, and baggage transfer applications.

#2 Air Cargo Casters

Air cargo casters combine the characteristics of stability, maneuverability, and safety. They are produced with the features of easy installation and replacement for air cargo transport and baggage conveyor system.

#3 Amp Casters

Amp casters ( amplifier casters) generally use a set of 4 pop-in casters with sockets. The wheel is made of non-marking polyurethane bonded to a polyolefin core and is ideally suited for guitar amps, guitar amp dollies, marshall amps, fender amps, and amp stands.

#4 Antimicrobial Casters

The antimicrobial caster wheel consists of one compound to inhibit the potential microbes from growing on the wheel. Perfect for medical equipment such as medical carts, trolleys, racks, and folding privacy screens.

#5 Appliance Casters

Appliance casters are installed on the bottom surface of heavy duty appliance rollers, washing machine, appliance dolly, and portable washer dryer stand. They move various appliances effortlessly for cleaning or maintenance and are great for hardwood floors.

#6 Arcade Casters

Move your arcade cabinet with arcade casters, like a locking set of casters, swivel polyurethane casters, and thermoplastic rubber casters. Suggest using casters with a locking brake that could stop the cabinet from rolling around during the game.

#7 Automotive Casters

Automotive casters are ergonomically designed for safety reasons and ease of movement in automotive manufacturing. They play a critical role in noise and vibration reduction when using pushed and pulled carts or dollies.

#8 Bandsaw Casters

It’s an economical way of adding mobility to a bandsaw base or a table saw by attaching casters. Bandsaw casters enable a rigid DIY, Jet, horizontal, steel bandsaw to be mobile.

#9 BBQ Casters/ Grill Casters

Upgrade heavy-duty grill, weber grill, Charmglow grill, gas grill, char broil, Brinkmann grill, bbq smoker with grill replacement wheels casters or grill wheel kit. Grill casters are great for outdoor working.

#10 Bed Casters

Wide wheel bed rollers, adjustable rubber bed casters, plastic wheels, caster cups, and casters with socks are designed for bed frames. These bed casters are suitable for hardwood floors, carpets, concrete, tile, and other surfaces.

#11 Bird Cage Casters

Put small 1-inch or 2-inch diameter caster wheels on your bird cage to help you move them anywhere easily. Twin wheel casters or ball casters wheel are good replacement casters for the bird cage.

#12 Bookcase Casters

Transform your fixed bookcase or book shelf into a mobile unit. Try adding caster wheels. These bookcase casters roll the wood bookcases, library bookshelves, industrial bookshelf, and metal bookcases effortlessly.

#13 Business Machine Casters 

The most significant feature of a business machine caster is to meet the requirements of low profile/low height and high loading capacity. They are commonly used for electronic equipment racks, computer storage racks, vending machines, server racks, and other applications.

#14 Cabinet Casters

Cabinet casters are designed for heavy, flat file, low profile, speakers, garage steel, and metal storage cabinet. The cabinet casters give your cabinets the opportunity to travel.

#15 Carpet Casters 

The best choices for casters to use on carpeted floors are hard nylon, polyurethane,  or metal wheels. These wheel materials have excellent wear and freely move your office chair or furniture across the carpeted room.

#16 Cart Casters

Stem or plate casters fit most heavy duty industrial carts, small carts, utility carts, food carts, rolling carts, service carts, tool carts, shopping carts, tea carts, laundry carts, bar carts, metro carts, and kitchen carts.

#17 Case Casters

Case casters are widely used for music equipment, audio road rack, mixer rack stand, ATA cases, and other applications. They are ideal for moving breakable or fragile goods, wherever requires noise and shock reduction.

#18 Caster Wheel For Robot

1” caster wheel, small caster wheels, or ball caster wheels are suitable caster wheel types for the robot. Ball caster wheels have a large ball diameter that gives your robot the ability to drive over obstacles.

#19 Chair Casters

Dual wheel casters with swivels 360°for ease of movement are great for chairs, including office chairs, dining chairs, casual rolling chairs, gaming chairs, and many other chairs. Most chair casters use the grip ring style for simple installation.

#20 Clothes Rack Wheels

Attach the swivel or brake casters to the industrial clothing racks or garment racks, making them much easier to move around when needed. These caster wheels are designed for metal, wood, black, and double clothes racks.

#21 Coffee Table Casters

A coffee table on caster wheels is more convenient than traditional ones for its mobility and flexibility, and you can move it around easily when necessary. Perfect for round, industrial, and lift-top coffee tables.

#22 Commercial Casters

Commercial casters are good for a wide range of applications, such as commercial kitchen prep tables, refrigerators, kitchen equipment, oven, dining chairs, and more.

#23 Container Casters

Container casters are designed to help with the movement of shipping containers, sea containers, and cargo containers. Carry the load rating up to 12,000lb ratings per caster.

#24 Conveyor Caster 

As most conveyor applications don’t need to be moved often, when choosing the right caster wheels for a conveyor system, you should not only consider load rating alone. So the caster wheel with a hard rolling surface, such as polypropylene casters or nylon casters, is the best choice.

#25 Crate Wheels

Universal 2 inch twin wheel casters offer your crate portability and ease of movement. These crate casters are specifically made for plastic milk crates, wood crates, storage crates, and universal crates.

#26 Creeper Wheels

2 inch, 3 inch, or 4 inch creeper wheels are created for heavy duty creepers, mechanic’s creepers, car creepers, garage creepers, automotive creepers, wooden mechanics creepers, and many other creepers. Red color or black color is the most popular color.     

#27 Display Casters

Display casters enable heavy duty display racks to roll easily around the store and warehouse. They are used for convenience store display racks, retail hanging displays, retail counter displays, rolling displays, wood display racks, glass displays, and book displays.

#28 Dog Crate Wheels

If your dog crate is too heavy to transport, you need one set of caster wheels.  These dog crate wheels allow large or small dog crates for easy mobility and repositioning.

#29 Dolly Casters

Dolly casters feature high load capacity, large-diameter wheel, double ball bearings in the wheel, and high strength steel plate and yoke. Suitable for car dolly, Rubbermaid dolly, heavy duty dolly, automotive dolly, vehicle dolly, and drum dolly.

#30 Drum Casters 

Caster wheels under the drum dollies help reduce the effort when moving heavy steel drum dolly or drum carts from one place to another. Also great for oil drums, 55-gallon drums, or drum risers.

#31 Dumpster Caster Wheels 

Trash containers and refuse bins are exposed to abuse and harsh environments, like sunlight, extremely hot or cold, and blizzards. Dumpster casters & wheels on waste & garbage containers could withstand all weather elements.

#32 Floor Lock Casters

Floor locks are an alternative to caster-mounted brakes and are installed in pairs between fixed and swivel casters. They keep racks, carts, machines, and portable equipment stationary.

#33 Food Processing Casters

Stainless steel casters or high temp casters are the right caster wheel types for the food processing industry. These casters are designed to meet specific requirements for food processing equipment.

#34 Freezer casters / Refrigerator Casters

Add mobility to your fridge freezer or refrigerator by adding these low profile caster wheels. Install these castors to the bottom of the freezers or refrigerators for ease of movement: high capacity and low overall height design.

#35 Fryer Casters

As the fryer replacement parts, fryer caster wheels are ideally suited for various kinds of fryers, such as Picto fryers, deep fryers, Vulcan fryers, Avantco fryers, gas fryers, dean fryers, etc.

#36 Furniture Moving Casters

Furniture moving casters give your moving dolly or furniture cart smooth rolling and smart mobility solutions. They make your job easier when moving oversized and heavy objects.

#37 Garage Shelving Casters  

Adding casters to garage shelving is a great way to mobilize your heavy duty steel shelving; then, you can clean under the shelving and reconfigure the space as needed.

#38 Garden Cart Wheels

Pneumatic casters are the best garden cart replacement wheels. These air-filled pneumatic wheels provide a cushioned ride & smooth rolling and make heavy loads easy to move.

#39 Gate Casters

Spring-loaded gate casters for heavy duty gates, metal gates, swing gates, driveway gates, and automatic electric gates. These gate casters provide excellent support for various kinds of gates.

#40 Greenhouse Casters

The mobile greenhouse allows for convenient transportation as the season’s change, as well as easy moving for maintenance. Greenhouse caster and wheels are designed to withstand water and chemicals.

#41 Grocery Cart Wheels

5 inch polyolefin wheels with threaded stems are the most common wheel size for grocery carts or shopping carts. Grocery cart wheels are non-marking to the floor and great for grocery pull carts, grocery laundry carts, grocery store carts, rolling carts, and trolley carts.

#42 Hand Truck Casters

Stem casters are the most commonly used for hand trucks or dollies. Easy installation and the best replacement caster wheels to replace the broken or damaged casters on hand trucks.

#43 Hardwood Casters 

Soft rubber, polyurethane, or neoprene rubber wheels provide good protection for hardwood floors. These caster wheel materials minimize the impact on the floor but with higher capacity.

#44 Heavy Equipment Casters

Heavy equipment casters are made to support and move heavy equipment under heavy loads. They secure your machinery in place for safety purposes and allow equipment to change the directions easily.

#45 Hospital Bed Casters

Central lock casters, twin wheel casters, or round stem casters are used for the hospital beds. Hospital bed casters have precision ball bearings in the wheel for smooth and silent rolling.

#46 Hospital Caster

Hospital casters require medical-grade specifications, including quiet rolling, non-marking to the floor, impact resistance, and ergonomic features. Hospital casters are great for hospital stretchers, IV Stands, crash carts, medication carts, and other mobile medical equipment.

#47 Hotel Casters

Hospitality hotel casters come in various caster types, including fixed, swivel, locking, stem, and bolt hole casters. They are used in the hospitality industry, such as bellman carts, luggage carts, food service carts, and hospitality carts.

#48 Institutional Casters

Institutional casters are flexible for a variety of applications. Typical institutional usage includes furniture, utility carts, food service equipment, store fixtures, and office equipment.

#49 IV Pole Casters

IV Pole Casters, also known as IV stand casters and IV cart casters, are designed and manufactured specifically for the premium IV poles. No noisy, easy to roll, floor-friendly, have optional thread guards are essential features of IV pole casters.

#50 Jack Casters

Threaded stem caster with cast iron wheel is one of the ideal replacement caster wheels for automotive jacks, floor jacks, car jacks, trolley jacks, hydraulic floor jacks, and steel floor jacks.

#51 Janitorial Cart Wheels

Janitorial cart wheels are made to meet the special needs of the janitorial industry, featuring non-marking wheels that are safe for all floors. Fit most portable cleaning Caddy cart, Rubbermaid janitorial cart, housekeeping cart, and other mobile cleaning carts.

#52 Job Box Casters

4 in rubber or polyurethane caster kit is the right replacement wheels set for Knaack, Greenlee, Kobalt, Husky, and Ridgid job boxes.

#53 Kitchen Island Casters 

Heavy duty casters are appropriate for large kitchen islands, mobile kitchen islands, and kitchen carts. Kitchen Island Casters come in several wheel materials, sizes, and mounting types.

#54 Laboratory Casters 

Non-marking wheels with cleanliness are a priority for most lab equipment, like laboratory stools, benches, and carts. Stainless steel casters with corrosion-resistance performance are the best solution for laboratory environments.

#55 Ladder Caster Wheels

Spring-loaded or long stem casters are especially used on ladders, including step ladders, rolling ladders, podium ladders, aluminum ladders, stair ladders, library ladders, Werner ladders, extension ladders, and platform ladders.

#56 Laundry Casters 

Laundry carts, laundry trolleys, or baskets on wheels make your laundry day won’t be so hard and challenging. 4″ & 5″ polyurethane wheels with round stem casters are perfect for laundry room products.

#57 Machinery Casters

Industrial and retractable leveling casters for heavy duty machinery carts, equipment, workbench, woodworking & metalworking machinery, and other heavy material handling equipment.

#58 Medical Cart Wheels

Reliable and quiet casters are essential for making medical or medication carts mobile, ensuring a quiet ride for patients. Medical cart wheels provide mobility and maneuverability for hospitals and nursing homes.

#59 Metro Casters

Metro ESD conductive casters for metro shelving, metro cart, metro wire, and metro rack. Metro caster wheels offer a mobile storage solution for your static wire shelving.

#60 Military Casters

Modern suspension casters and kingpinless casters are made especially for the military industry, as these two kinds of casters could withstand the abusive environment and high-impact applications.

#61 Mop Bucket Wheels

3” rubber caster wheel with a plastic socket is the best replacement wheel for the mop bucket. These 3 inch casters fit for the most mop buckets, like Rubbermaid, SYR, Oates, and spin mop buckets.

#62 Moving Casters

Light or heavy duty moving casters for furniture, furniture dolly, moving dolly, equipment, piano, pool table, and machinery. Moving casters are versatile caster parts to meet your mobility requirements.

#63 Office Casters 

Twin wheel plastic casters, rollerblade casters, replacement rubber casters for office furniture, office chairs, computer chairs, desk chairs, office tables, L-Shaped desks, office bookcases, and file cabinets.

#64 Oven Casters

Oven casters, also as high-temperature caster wheels, are made specifically for baking equipment like bakery racks, oven racks, commercial ovens, oven trolleys, bakery carts, etc. to increase your bakery productivity.

#65 Pallet Caster

Medium or heavy duty casters for pallet rack, adjustable pallet, pallet jack, hand pallet, plastic pallet, wood pallet, and pallet trailer. Plate casters are the best options, as they could be bolted to the bottom of the pallet for increased mobility.

#66 Pharmaceutical Casters

Like medical casters, pharmaceutical casters also require quiet and smooth-rolling casters. Central locking casters, polyurethane wheels, and thermoplastic rubber wheels are a good selection for pharmaceutical applications.

#67 Piano Casters

Heavy duty low profile casters , rubber wheels, or antique casters for grand, upright, Yamaha, and Steinway pianos. Piano casters make moving your instrument more effortless and safer.

#68 Planter Casters

Planter casters provide the versatility and mobility to plant stand, flower pot mover, plant pot pallet, and plant dolly. You can easily move or rearrange the planter around your house or outside the garden.

#69 Platform Cart Wheels

Moving heavy cartons or appliances effortlessly with a wheeled platform cart. Industrial or pneumatic casters are compatible with aluminum, heavy duty, maligner, folding platform carts, and trucks.

#70 Rack Caster Wheels 

Boltless or stem casters are great for a wide range of racks, such as tire racks, storage racks, muscle racks, server racks, cloth, and shoe racks. Rack caster wheels will help your rack become portable and transform them into mobile units.

#71 Restaurant Casters

Attaching the caster set to your restaurant or kitchen equipment that could be moved for thorough clean up. Swivel restaurant casters relocate the heavy equipment easily. Locking restaurant equipment casters keeps them in an immobile position.

#72 Road Case Casters

Blue thermoplastic rubber or Red polyurethane caster wheels are commonly used for road case ( flight case) hardware. This type of caster is specially designed for the kind of environment that road cases are typically exposed to.

#73 Rollerblade Caster Wheels

2.5″ or 3″ rollerblade caster wheels are usually found in office chairs and other rolling furniture. The stem size is 7/16″ (11mm) in diameter by 7/8″ (22mm) in length, which is the standard size to fit the most of chairs.

#74 Rubbermaid Casters 

Rubbermaid equips all kinds of products with casters and wheels for mobility needs. There are casters for Rubbermaid mop buckets, trolleys, utility carts, recycling containers, and commercial containers.

#75 Scaffolding Casters 

8″ x 2″ scaffold caster with polyurethane or cast iron wheels are mostly used for scaffolding systems. Scaffolding casters have a stem mount and special secure brake that add the stationary component and safety to any scaffolding unit.

#76 Sewing Machine Casters

2 inch caster wheels are universal casters for industrial sewing machines, sewing machine tables, antique, singer, treadle, and cylinder head sewing machines. Casters allow for easy sewing table movement.

#77 Shelf Casters

Boltless or stem casters are typically used for shelf casters, and they are a good fit for industrial shelves, garage shelves, metal shelving, HDX shelving, NSF shelving, plastic shelving, metro shelf, and storage shelf. Shelf stem casters offer superb maneuverability, less space requirement, and easy attachment.

#78 Shoe Rack Wheels

You can relocate the shoe rack from one place to another easily by using a shoe rack on wheels, which makes your shoe storage and organizer work simple. Shoe Rack wheel casters are fit for rolling, heavy duty, wooden, metal, and short shoe racks.

#79 Shopping Cart Casters

The majority of retail shopping carts use 5 inch polyurethane caster wheels, dark blue tread on gray polyolefin core, with thread guard, stem mount, and zinc plated yoke.

#80 Stage Casters

As we all know that the show must go on in the entertainment industry. Stage casters offer a quiet rolling and easy movement for your scenery. It reduces the breakdown and makes the stage come to life.

#81 Stand Casters

Stand casters have double ball bearing swivel raceways for smooth running, perfect for light stand, C-stand, roller stand, mirror, TV-mount, rolling, wood, adjustable tripod, metal, and smoker stand.

#82 Steel Cart Wheels 

Solid steel or metal wheels for heavy duty steel carts, metal carts, stainless steel, rolling, kitchen, and garden steel carts. Steel cartwheels are solid and sturdy and can hold high loading capacity.

#83 Stool Casters

Stool casters are ideal for office stools, bar stools, counter stools, dental stools, step stools, mechanics stools, library stools, salon bar stools, shop stools, adjustable stools, and rolling stools. It’s great to add functional seating and style to your space.

#84 Table Casters

Equip casters wheels to your dining table, coffee table, work table, kitchen table, pool table, welding table, or beer die table. Expanding adapter stem casters are designed to mount to the legs of the table for adding mobility.

#85 Textile Casters

Textile casters utilize the metal or plastic thread guards that fixed in place between the wheel bearings and caster bracket. As those thread guards could minimize thread deposit around the axles and reduce caster maintenance.

#86 Theatre Casters

Theater casters help to move the large equipment, sets, and other material quietly and efficiently. To provide the stage crew with much more safety during the operation.

#87 Tool Box Casters / Toolbox Casters

Tool box casters or tool chest casters are typically offered as the caster wheels set ( 4 pack). They are the perfect fit for Snap-on, Craftsman, Matco, Waterloo, Kobalt, or Craftsman, to name a few.

#88 TV Stand Casters

TV stand casters are widely used for vintage TV stands, modern TV stands, outdoor TV stands, metal TV stands, industrial, wooden TV stands, and more. Casters & Wheels for TV stands make them into a rolling cart.

#89 U Boat Cart Wheels 

U boat cart has a 6 wheels design, with two 8” rigid casters at the center and four 4” swivels on the corner of carts. This unique design provides excellent stability and easy maneuverability in tight aisles.

#90 Umbrella Stand Wheels

2 inch locking casters with polyurethane wheel is most commonly found on an umbrella stand, concrete umbrella base, commercial and garden umbrella stand. Umbrella stand with wheels allows you to easily move the shade around your deck or patio as the sun travels.

#91 Utility Cart Casters

Have the right casters for utility cart will make moving jobs much quicker and easier. TPR rubber and polyurethane wheels are the best options for heavy duty industrial, rolling, kitchen, and 3-tier utility carts.

#92 Vending Machine Casters

Vending machine casters easily move vending coffee machines, vending ice machines, Coca Cola vending machines, Pepsi vending machines, soda vending machines, and beer bending machines to any place.

#93 Washdown Casters

Stainless steel casters are suited to resit frequent moisture and washdown environments. All the caster parts are stainless, including the top plate, fork, wheel bearings, axles, and spanner bushing.

#94 Washing Machine Wheels

Twin wheel caster or appliance roller wheels are ideal for moving your washing machine stand, machine base, washer, and dryer. Putting a washing machine on wheels improves mobility and makes your cleaning job much easier.

#95 Welding Casters

For welding on casters applications and scenarios where fumes are present, unplated caster yokes are your best bet. As unplated caster frames and forks prevent fumes when welding them to your equipment, tables, carts, machines, and welding screens.

#96 Wire Shelving Casters

Adapt your static wire shelving to be mobile with expanding stem casters. Use wire shelving casters to roll the metal or steel wire shelving around without much force.

#97 Wooden Casters

Wooden casters for the very best in unique or custom modern furniture, cabinets, chairs, beds, tables, sofas, and other antique furniture. These designer wooden casters are great for your furniture restoration project.

#98 Work Table Caster

3” or 4” rubber or urethane caster wheel set are usually used for heavy duty stainless steel work tables, restaurant work tables, industrial and commercial work tables. Add casters to work tables to move them more efficiently and quickly.

#99 Workbench Casters

Workbench caster wheels are featured as heavy duty retractable, lifting, adjustable types. You can retrofit a caster set for a previously purchased workbench that turns it into a mobile base.

#100 Workshop Casters

Heavy duty polyurethane on steel casters or step-down casters for workshop equipment, including durable bins, shelving, cabinets, containers, and workshop trolley.

For specific applications, please call us for professional advice.

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