H & H Casters

The professional caster wheel supplier for over 10 years. 

Load Capacity Range: 15 -800 KG

H & H is a reliable provider offering a wide range of plate casters, catering to various needs, from light-duty to heavy-duty applications. With our extensive selection, customers can find the perfect caster wheels to suit your specific requirements. 

5 inch caster wheel top plate
swivel plate casters
rigid plate casters
Load Capacity Range: 30 -300 KG

Our stem casters are prominently categorized into threaded stem, grip ring stem, and expanding stem casters. Whether for furniture, trolleys, or industrial machinery, H & H caters to varying needs with superior-quality and durable casters.

3 8 caster wheels
site mount casters
stand casters
Load Capacity Range: 10 -500 KG

H & H Furniture Casters are revolutionizing how objects are moved, making life considerably easier. These quality casters are designed to effortlessly transport nearly any item with ease, freeing you from the strenuous work of heavy lifting.

u casters
decorative casters
spherical casters
Load Capacity Range: 100 -800 KG

H & H heavy-duty casters offer an exceptional solution for transporting heavy loads within industrial facilities or worksites. These top-quality casters are designed for strength, durability, and ease of movement, even when burdened with significant weight.

HH Casters Heavy Duty Casters
HH Casters Heavy Duty Casters
HH Casters Heavy Duty Casters
Load Capacity Range: 100 -500 KG

As a leading high-quality casters and wheels provider, H & H has a wide range of industrial casters, such as medical casters, dolly casters, cart casters, machinery casters, and more. Standard types are readily available, catering to the most common industrial applications. Customized casters are optional to meet unique needs.

car dolly casters
HH Heavy Duty retractable casters
Flight Case wheels

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