Furniture Casters

H & H Furniture Casters Make Your Life Easier to Move Just About Anything.

antique furniture casters

Replacement Wheels for Antique Furniture

Antique Furniture Casters
spherical casters

Ball Casters are a Decorative Mobility Solution

Spherical Casters
Clear Casters

Stylish Clear Polyurethane Wheels

Clear Casters
u casters

Swivel U Bracket Casters for Furniture

U Casters
twin wheel casters

Two Wheels are Riveted on an Axle

Twin Wheel Casters
rubber office chair wheels

Replacement Casters for Hardwood Floors

Rubber Office Chair Wheels
quiet casters

Soft Polyurethane Wheel Tread for Quiet Rolling

Quiet Casters
plastic casters

Perfect for Light Duty Applications

Plastic Casters
office chair casters

Swivel Top Plate with Twin Wheel Design

Office Chair Casters
hooded casters

Can be used in Offices, Living Rooms

Hooded Casters
desk chair wheels

Move Your Home or Office Workstation Efficiently

Desk Chair Wheels
decorative casters

Various Colors are Optional

Decorative Casters
chair rollers

Threaded Stem for Quick and Simple Installation

Chair Rollers
caster rollers

Universal Stem Size M10

Caster Rollers
carpet casters

Non-marking Wheel for Carpet

Carpet Casters

Typical Applications

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Heavy Duty Casters Application Workshop Machinery

Workshop Machinery

Heavy-duty caster wheels find extensive application in workshop machinery, where the ability to easily move heavy and bulky equipment is essential for efficient operations. These wheels are designed to withstand the rigors of busy workshop environments and offer a range of benefits.

One primary application of heavy-duty caster wheels in workshop machinery is for workbenches or workstations. Workbenches equipped with caster wheels provide the flexibility to move them to different locations within the workshop as required. This mobility enables workers to optimize their space and adapt to changing project needs.


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Furniture casters for tables are practical accessories that add mobility and versatility to your furniture. These small wheels or rollers can be attached to the legs or base of tables, allowing you to move them quickly.

Casters provide a convenient solution whether you need to rearrange your space, clean underneath, or adjust the table’s position. They come in various sizes and materials to suit different table types and floor surfaces. When selecting casters, consider weight capacity, durability, and locking mechanisms to ensure stability and safety. Enjoy the flexibility and functionality that furniture casters bring to your tables.


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Furniture casters for cabinets offer a practical solution for enhancing mobility and accessibility in your storage spaces. These small wheels or rollers can be attached to the base or corners of cabinets, allowing you to move them as needed effortlessly.

Cabinet casters come in various sizes and styles to meet different needs of cabinet types and weight capacity requirements. They are particularly useful when it comes to cleaning or rearranging your space. Additionally, some casters may come with locking mechanisms to secure the cabinet once it has been moved.


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Furniture casters for sofas provide a convenient and versatile solution to move and reposition your seating furniture with ease. These small wheels or rollers can be attached to the bottom of a sofa, allowing you to glide it across various floor surfaces effortlessly.

Sofa casters come in different sizes and materials to accommodate the weight and style of your sofa. They offer the flexibility to rearrange your living space, clean underneath the sofa, or create a more functional seating arrangement.


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bed frames on wheels

Bed Frames

Furniture casters for bed frames provide a practical solution to move and adjust your bed easily. These small wheels or rollers can be attached to the legs or corners of a bed frame, allowing you to maneuver the bed to your desired position effortlessly.

Bed frame casters come in various sizes and materials to accommodate different bed frame weights and floor surfaces. They make rearranging your bedroom or cleaning underneath the bed a breeze.

Some casters even come with locking mechanisms to secure the mattress once it has been moved. With bed frame casters, you can add convenience and mobility to your sleeping space.

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Plate Casters

Plate casters are a type of caster wheel with a flat, square, or rectangular metal plate as its mount.

Stem Casters

Stem casters are designed to be inserted into pre-drilled holes or sockets and secured with a nut or other fastening mechanism.
HH Casters Heavy Duty Casters

Heavy Duty Casters

Heavy-duty casters are specialized caster wheels designed to handle substantial weight loads and rugged operating conditions.

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