Plate Casters

H&H offers an extensive selection of plate casters from light duty to heavy duty.

HH Plate Casters Series

1 inch caster wheel top plate

Small for light duty mobility needs

2 inch caster wheel top plate

Red wheel sturdy and smooth rolling

2.5 inch caster wheel top plate

Rigid, swivel and brake types are available

3 inch caster wheel top plate

Light medium duty type

4 inch caster wheel top plate

Swivel top plate with polyurethane wheel

5 inch caster wheel top plate

No noise thermoplastic wheel

6 inch caster wheel top plate

wide selection of wheel material

8 inch caster wheel top plate

Standard heavy duty plate size

bakery rack wheels

Great for high temperature environment

Bracket Casters 500

U bracket soft rubber wheel

heavy duty plate casters

6mm thickness top plate

plate mount casters

Plate with six holes for quick installation

rigid plate casters

Light duty to heavy duty application

site mount casters

Also known as gate casters

swivel plate casters

Can rotate in any direction

The Benefits of Plate Casters

Furniture Casters Wide Range of Application
Simplified Installation

Plate casters are easy to install due to their flat top plate. They usually have four or six bolt holes, which can be straight or slotted for easy attachment to a wide variety of applications. To install plate casters, position them on the bottom of the object and insert bolts through the corresponding holes.

Quality Standards
Superior Durability

Plate casters are known for their strength, often surpassing stem casters. Unlike stem casters with a rod-like stem, plate casters have a top plate providing additional support. While stem casters rely on a single stem, plate casters typically have four bolts for enhanced durability.

Wide Range of Application
Improved Weight Distribution

Plate casters excel in weight distribution compared to stem casters. The larger surface area covered by the top plate ensures better weight distribution for the object. This feature makes plat ecasters more suitable for handling heavier loads.

Quality Check
Various Plate Sizes

Top plate casters are the most common mounting type for caster fastening. They come in various top plate sizes and bolt hole pattern to meet unique needs. They are versatile and add great mobility to most of the objects.

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