Stem Casters

A Large Variety of Threaded Stem, Grip Ring Stem, and Expanding Stem Casters.


Stem Casters Series

5 16 caster wheels 2 inch black casters

5/16″- 18 x 1″ Swivel Black Casters

3 8 caster wheels

3/8″-16×1″ Threaded Stem Casters

1 2 caster wheels 3inch

1/2″-13 x 1″ with Red Polyurethane Wheel

8mm threaded stem casters 500

M8x15 Threaded Stem with Side Brake

stainless table casters

Designed for Tubing Fixtures

grip neck stem casters

Wood Stem Casters for Furniture

Grip Ring Stem Casters

Friction Casters or Compression Ring Casters

heavy duty stem casters

Leveling Caster Type for Heavy Load

locking stem casters

Total Lock to Lock the Wheel and Rotation

long stem casters

Great for Food Service & Institutional Industries

Round Stem Casters

Twin Wheel Design for Smooth Rolling

screw in casters

Heavy Duty for Chairs and Furniture

Square Stem Casters 500

Cross-drilled Mounting Holes For Secure Installation

Threaded Stem Casters Total Lock

Polyurethane Wheel for Quiet Rolling

The Benefits of Stem Casters

quality standards
Ease of Replacement

The main benefit of threaded stem casters is their ease of replacement,allowing for efficient maintenance and repair. When a caster becomes damaged, cracked, or stops rolling smoothly, threaded stem casters can be effortlessly unthreaded from their mounting and replaced with a new one.

Wide Range of Application
Convenient for cleaning

Additionally, threaded stem casters are designed to be user-friendly for cleaning and lubrication. Regular cleaning removes dirt, debris, or build-up that may affect the caster’s performance. With threaded stem casters, quickly removing them fromtheir mounting simplifies the cleaning process.

Furniture Casters Wide Range of Application
Enhanced Maneuverability

One of the critical benefits of stem caster wheels is their ability to improve the maneuverability of various objects, be it furniture, carts,or equipment.These wheels feature a swivel mechanism allowing 360-degree rotation, enabling easy turning and pivoting in any direction.

Furniture Casters Various Types
Various Mouting Types

When there is no enough mounting space under the bottom of equipment or furniture, stem casters are the ideal choice for making objects mobile. Expanding stem, grip neck stem, grip ring stem, and threaded stem casters are optional.

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