Heavy Duty Casters

An ideal solution to transport heavy loads within your facility or worksite.


Heavy Duty Casters Series

High Temp Casters

Phenolic Wheel with Side Brake

Retractable Casters

Capacity up to 1,100lbs per caster

Low Profile Casters

High Load Capacity and Low Overall Height

Polyurethane Caster

Heavy duty PU on Cast Iron Wheel

Heavy Duty Rubber Casters

Thermoplastic Rubber Wheel

3 inch Heavy Duty Casters

Swivel Top Plate with Dust Cover

4 inch Heavy Duty Casters

100mm Caster with Urethane Wheel

5 inch Heavy Duty Casters

Double Welded Yoke for High Strength

6 inch Heavy Duty Casters

Mold-on Rubber Wheel for Quiet Rolling

8 inch Heavy Duty Casters

Polyurethane on Green Cast Iron Wheel

Cast Iron Casters

Highest Loading Capacity with Total Lock

Heavy Duty Skid Wheels

4″ 5″ 6″ 8″ Wheel Sizes are Available

Other Heavy Duty Caster Types (6)

The Key Features of Heavy Duty Casters

quality standards

Heavy-duty caster wheels are renowned for their exceptional toughness and durability, making them capable of withstanding the most demanding environments and carrying heavy loads. These wheels are engineered with specialized materials and construction techniques to ensure maximums trength and resilience.

Quality Standards

Heavy-duty casters are great for their exceptional strength, achieved through various design features. One key feature is the double-welded legs, which ensure maximum stability and load-bearing capacity. These welded legs provide additional reinforcement, preventing weak points and enhancing overall durability.

Low Cost
Low Cost

The competitive pricing of heavy-duty caster wheels is achieved through automatic manufacturing processes, which enhance efficiency and reduce labor costs. Additionally, sourcing casters directly from the factory will help our customers to receive the highest quality products at the most competitive prices.

Furniture Casters Wide Range of Application
Various Applications

Heavy duty casters are designed and made for the toughest applications, such as manufacturing plant, automotive industry, aerospace industry, heavy machinery, warehousing, and logistics equipment.

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